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Senecal Music offers music artists a wealth of tips and coaching through the music business. We specialize in focusing and goal setting artists on a set path.  As we always say, there is no magic formula to each artist’s success.  All artists are uniquely talented and come across different opportunities. There are many paths to success in the industry.  With the right information, impeccable work ethic, and perseverance, each artist can position themselves toward success.  Our desire is to best prepare artists in our program to enter the music industry performing at their best, having achieved the level of professionalism and readiness needed to be taken seriously and with respect in the industry. 

Senecal Music was developed out of a desire to offer music and performance students professional, quality instruction, that focuses on developing a well-trained musician & performer

What people say?

Terri is by far the best vocal coach I’ve ever taken lessons from. Her lessons are therapeutic to me, and she always looks for the best in me and my singing.
Miss Terri has been great with both of our kids! She personalizes lessons specific to each of their personal interests and abilities.
H Walls
help guide you on your journey. She's worked through radio, A&R, artist management and she's got great ears. A few years back she handed me Capital Cities - now look at that band.
Kat Corbett
She amongst the first in the world to pick up on Evermore, was an early believer and helped contribute to building their profile side, and has followed their progress ever since. thanks for her continued belief and support.
ebekah Campbell
is a great lady. She's smart, knows just about everyone and has brilliant taste in music. I have and will continue to recommend to everyone!!
Peter Lloyd
She was one of the first to recognize the potential of our band when we formed it. Her enthusiasm and go-getter work ethic, as well as his wide global reach made it a no-brainer for us to work with his music business consultation firm.

Our Clients

Carmen Mileo

Natalie Otto

John Farrell

This is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a music consultant that has many relationships with some of the largest record and music companies in the world.