Metropolitan talent show

The Metropolitan talent show involves people ages 10+ in performing and producing great talent shows in their community. Everyone at all levels of talent is included and everyone who participate has experience of a lifetime.
They are cheered on by audiences of family, neighbors, volunteer and judges. This experience is transformative for all. 

How it works

We create environment where everyone tries on a new performance – on stage and off.
Talent shows give all people an opportunity to create new performances with people they don’t know, which builds a positive and supportive community.

We help the music community by giving them the tools to develop-socially, culturally and in terms of seeing themselves as participates in a broader, more sophisticated world, taking them out of social isolation and marginal isolation.

All events take place in the community, often at restaurants, churches, schools, and music stores.

For more information: please email us at

We will have an application loaded on in July 2019