Our Services

The Senecal Music Artist Development Program offers opportunities and services to artists that are not found in most professional studios.   We teach, develop, and coach artists how to best manage themselves.

Senecal Music feels the best way to help artists in today’s music industry is to teach them how to manage themselves and develop their careers in the beginning stages, until they reach the level of needing professional management. 

Our Objective

To position Artists to achieve a professional level of performance and to feel confident interacting and performing in the difficult to navigate music industry.

Our Goal

To provide the needed skills and knowledge valued by music industry executives to make each artist unique and marketable.

Artist Development Packages
3 Levels


$150.00 each per month (two minimum)
Career Attention

  • 3 Sessions by phone/in person or by facetime – 30 mins
  • 10 text conversations
  • 4 email conversation


3-month commitment – $200 monthly
I’m singing and performing, but I’m not going any further
  • Career Development sessions = 3 – 45 min sessions in person or by phone
  • 20 text messages
  • 6 email conversations


Success Member – You have an actual career, but you’re stuck!  
$350 monthly (two month minimum)
Career Development Calls = 6 – 45 min calls or in person

  • 40 text messages
  • 12 email conversations
  • 1 concert event visit

Years past, record labels did it all.  They discovered, developed, and branded the artist.  Currently, all that legwork is expected to be completed before the label will consider an artist.   That leaves many very talented singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, and performers feeling lost in a sea of many other artists also trying to find their way.  You have found Senecal Music Consulting and are now one step closer and a step above many of the others searching for a path.

Senecal Music offers music artists a wealth of tips and coaching through the music business. We specialize in focusing and goal setting artists on a set path.  As we always say, there is no magic formula to each artist’s success.  All artists are uniquely talented and come across different opportunities. There are many paths to success in the industry.  With the right information, impeccable work ethic, and perseverance, each artist can position themselves toward success.  Our desire is to best prepare artists in our program to enter the music industry performing at their best, having achieved the level of professionalism and readiness needed to be taken seriously and with respect in the industry. 

This is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a music consultant that has many relationships with some of the largest record and music companies in the world.